Islay was brought up in the Orkney Islands surrounded by very skilled musicians.  When she was 8, after 4 years of violin and piano lessons she took up the cello and found the instrument she loved.  Amongst the many musicians in her family who performed internationally, Islay’s mother Christina Sargent was an exceptional concert oboist and
her great grandmother a concert pianist.  Islay grew up listening to her mother and their recordings and her love for classical music was formed.  In Orkney Islay was exposed to much traditional music and she performs both classical and Scottish traditional as well as Eastern European folk.  Islay has a joint BA honours in Film and Media with Spanish.  She enjoys playing the cello and has also played different music genres, recording with Canadian ambient band Vohda and performing in various music videos.  Her cello travels with her to perform at events around the UK and abroad.

“When I was asked to play at a wedding in 2009 people were so moved and enthusiastically appreciative of the music, I loved the atmosphere so much that I have been playing at weddings and events ever since.  The cello seems to add a wonderful ambiance to an occasion and creates an intimate sound space.”


“Thank you Islay! Your music produced that spine tingling moment when I walked down the aisle on my wedding day! Our guests all commented on the powerful and rich sound of the cello creating a beautifully romantic atmosphere throughout our ceremony.

We all loved watching and listening to you play which provided more intimacy than that of a string quartet. Truly stunning!”

Fiona & Keith, Solsgirth House, 11/09/2010
“Islay performed a number of classical pieces in the interludes at our wedding ceremony which many of our guests told us they had very much enjoyed. She played beautifully and really added to the special, intimate atmosphere.

Islay added elegance to our day and was very accomodating of any requests. Highly recommended!

Sally & Sam, Signet Library, 08/10/2011

“Islay was fantastic! Her playing really set the right mood for our ceremony and the reception afterwards.  She was great to work with before the wedding on the music selection and was very professional.

She really helped to make our day special.”

Chris & Vicki, Carberry Tower, 15/10/2011

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